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Guest blog with Bakers on Wheel on the write for us page, share your homemade cake recipes, pastries, cupcakes and fast food and experience as well. We appreciate your interest to Write for Us as a Guest Blogger on topics, not only related to homemade cakes, bakeries, pastries cupcakes but also on snacks, fast foods etc.

With Bakers on Wheel, you can reach out to a wider audience who are actively and eagerly waiting to read great content on food and wants to learn bakery and homemade cakes.

We are not charged for the guest posting so, feel free to write here. You will be spread your content all around the world, establish a community and next you will become famous on the Internet.

If your content is good enough, impressive and people are engaged while reading you will be earn rewards from Bakers on Wheel.

We always post high-quality content on our blog to encourage others to engage with it. If any confusion checks our Instagram page for getting ideas.

Please Note Submission Guidelines

  1. The Article must be in English.
  2. Please don’t submit an article already published on your blog or elsewhere.
  3. We only accept Original Content, if it’s not it will be disapproved or rejected. If you want to mention data and research the content, you might take from a relevant Site.
  4. Make sure, your content must be relevant and detailed to cakes blogs.
  5. Your Content should be errorless and in a proper format.
  6. Also, your title, heading, and sub-heading look attractive and should be adequate words.
  7. Your content should be 500 to 1200 words. More than 500 words of content can be accepted, if not, try to add matter to it.
  8. Images, you mentioned in your content must not be copyrighted. If images have research, data then mention a source from wherever you take or copy it. You can also add stock Images.
  9. Images are not more than three in your Article or blog and should not be more than 3Mb.
  10. Please Avoid broken links, spam, irrelevant content, and fake data.
  11. After your article submission, Your article will be reviewed. So please be patient. It may take 1-2 days, In some cases, it may take longer. If Everything will be OK, it will be posted on Bakers On Wheel.
  12. We’ll get back to you if your article would be passed or approved by our editors.
  13. We accept only mail at [email protected], You have to attach a Google Doc File to send your work.


  • There is not necessary to be a professional baking experience.
  • Please share your previous work, we will check.
  • Keep your blog clean and organized.

What topics you can write for us

  1. Cake recipe blogs
  2. Homemade cakes
  3. Chocolate cakes
  4. Pinata cake
  5. Red Velvet cake
  6. Homemade food blogs
  7. Healthy eating blogs
  8. Food travel blogs
  9. Icecream making blogs
  10. Chocolate blogs
  11. Bakery classes
  12. Fondant cakes
  13. Bakery Equipment

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